Our story.

Mentum is an independent Norwegian artist duo who expresses themselves through a mix of contemporary Pop and Dance music.

Tim and Finn, better known as the artist duo Mentum, have been creating music together since 2014. Their diverse range of musical influences, including blues, classic rock, pop, house, disco, and electronica, have shaped their unique sound.

Finn's love for music began at a young age and he is a skilled guitar player with a passion for blues and classic rock. He has been influenced by virtuosos such as Slash, Jimi Hendrix, and John Mayer, and started singing after much encouragement from his brother. As a songwriter, Finn draws inspiration from the human experience, exploring themes of mortality, love, and the craziness of life. After completing high school, he traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland to study music and upon earning his bachelor's degree, returned to his home country to pursue a career as a full-time musician.

Tim's creative side was first expressed through drawing and painting, but his growing fascination with sounds and harmonies led him to explore the world of music. An avid fan of various genres, he discovered Daft Punk and was never the same afterwards. He spent years exploring new sounds and melodies, using Logic Pro to master the art of music production. Through hard work and determination, Tim realized his potential to make a living from his passion and is now known as one of the founding members of Mentum.

Since their 2016 debut, Mentum has (in addition to their solo singles and EP releases) collaborated with artists and producers such as R3hab, K-391, Mike Perry, Gabry Ponte, Sam Feldt, Tungevaag, and Helion. Prolific, ambitious, and ever-evolving, Tim and Finn have established a strong reputation for themselves as one of Norway’s biggest independent acts.

In addition to their success in the music industry, Tim and Finn are also known for their energetic live performances. They have played at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals around the world, wowing audiences with their talent and stage presence.

But Mentum is more than just a musical duo - they are a group of passionate and driven individuals who are always striving to push the boundaries of their craft. They are constantly seeking out new opportunities and collaborations, and are dedicated to creating innovative and meaningful music for their fans.

With their diverse range of influences and unwavering dedication to their art, Tim and Finn have carved out a unique place in the music industry. Their talent and hard work have helped them achieve great success, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As Mentum continues to grow and evolve, they will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the world of music.