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We are proud to announce our remix contest for our latest release, “Grow Up” together with LoudKult.


LoudKult, the record label who have established themselves as a tastemaker in EDM music, was founded in 2018 by musicians and producers Lucas Estrada and Alexander Almqvist (Alex Alexander). LoudKult has created a “music-friendly system for their label, putting the celebration of new music and maximum growth of artists above everything else. They have achieved great success in the music industry, thanks to their focus on connection and collaboration. Its impressive playlists, including its popular TikTok and two-million follower Spotify playlists, have helped to drive its artists to success.

Grow Up’ is a personal song that resonates with us on a very deep level, and we hope it will be equally meaningful to our listeners.

For this song, we blended serenading vocal hooks into a constellation of hopeful lyrics and radiant sounds. We wanted to create a unique and impactful pop ballad as our final single of 2022, and we’re proud of the result. The mood of the song intensifies as the vocals move towards the hook, and the song eventually drops into a raw and gripping lullaby-Esque ambiance.

We hope the songs consoling messages from the past will help many listeners to conquer their fears and make their dreams come true.


Submit your remix to:

We’re looking for two winners, and the deadline is 30 days from the announcement (Jan 19th, 2023). Feel free to post it on SoundCloud, YouTube, and social media. Dont forget to tag us @loudkult and @mentumofficial. We know theres a lot of creativity out there, so you can let your imagination run wild! We encourage all genres, as long as you dont use uncleared samples. Collaborations with other artists are also allowed.

Hit the link for stems:


⚡ We’ll pick 2 winners

⚡ Deadline —> 30 days from announcement

⚡ Your remix doesn’t need to be mixed or mastered⁠

⚡ Submit to⁠

⚡ You may post your remix on Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.. Please tag us @loudkult and @mentumofficial

⚡ Genre? No genre, let the creativity flow!⁠

⚡ You may not use uncleared samples⁠

⚡ Collaborations with other artists are allowed


Winners of this remix contest will get to have their remixes released officially on LoudKult, so don‘t miss this opportunity! Were hoping to uncover some of the best and most creative remixers in the world, and have them join the LoudKult family. Were looking forward to hearing your take onGrow Up and cant wait to listen to your submissions. Good luck!

Listen to Grow Up on Spotify

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